Super Deuces Wild Poker

Deuces Wild Poker Strategy and Tips

Lots of players are easily hooked with a poker game. It is because the game allows players to strategize in order to have a higher edge against the house, enjoy poker game variants at site. There are various types of poker games and one of them is the Deuces Wild.

Deuces Wild is a popular variant of poker game because of its undeniable high edge in favour of the players. Even a new player can surely win this game in the long run with no doubt. When a player applies additional skills, then his or her win will be a sure hit.

How to Play Deuces Wild

The player's main goal in Deuces Wild is similar to most of the other poker variants like video poker. Player aims to get the best possible hand combination. However, the Deuces Wild has an interesting twist on the game. In this variant, all the deuces serve as a wild card as well. For example, when a player has a pair of king and he or she has a deuce on board, then the player can use the deuce to serve as an extra king card to have three kings.

Now that the players know what to expect, it would be good to discuss how to play this game. Deuces Wild uses a single 52-deck of cards. The game of super bonus deuces wild video poker has two rounds. On the first round, players are given five cards each. During this round, players may have the option to hold the cards they prefer. On the next round, players will have a showdown of the cards they are holding. This is the time when players compare their cards and determine who has the highest hand ranking, keeping in mind the available deuces on board. The one with the highest rank will win the game.

There are lots of gaming sites where players can experience this game. It features different casinos where players can choose to play.

Know Your Rankings

To maximize the winnings on this poker game, players should be mindful of the basic rules of poker. As mentioned earlier, the game mechanics of Deuces Wild is almost similar to the regular poker game so it would be beneficial knowing the basics.

The hand rankings in the regular poker is also applied to Deuces Wild. One major difference between the Deuces Wild's ranking and regular poker ranking is the availability of deuces. The highest possible winning hand here is still the Royal Flush with no deuces. Next to it is the Four Deuces which consists of four deuces on board. After that is the Deuces Royal Flush, which is a Royal Flush where one can be replaced by a deuce.

Five of a Kind is a hand composed of four cards with similar value and a deuce. It is followed by a Straight Flush, which has five cards in a sequence from a single suit. Next to it is a Four of a Kind composed of four similar cards. After that is the Full House, followed by Flush, then by Straight, and lastly is Three of a Kind.

Payout Percentages

The payout for each hand differs, depending on the hand ranking level. The lowest hand, Three of a Kind, pays 1:1, while Straight and Flush both pay 2:1. Full House and Four of a Kind can pay the players with 4:1 and 5:1 respectively.

Players should aim for the two whopping rewards, which are Four Deuces and Royal Flush. The former pays 100:1 while the latter pays 500:1, making the players take home a really impressive amount of cash. Note that the payout percentage mentioned here is just a guide for the players to determine the fair casinos like Casino Luck gambling site.

Other Tips and Strategies

It may be difficult to understand and remember all the available strategies for this poker variant video poker. To get a better edge on the game, players are advised to always hold any deuces that they got. It is a magic key to win higher amount in this game. On the other hand, players are discouraged to hold only two pairs because the chance of this hand may be very low compared to the other hand rankings. Alternatively, players are recommended to choose a pair to a four card straight or to a four card flush. Winning from a pair is higher than waiting for the fifth card to hopelessly complete a four card straight or four card flush.

Aside from these strategies, another important tip to note is to ensure the credibility of the casino site where a player is dealing with. A casino's reputation is something that players should check to make sure that he or she is having a hassle free gaming experience. Also, it would be helpful to compare the available payouts for each game to guarantee that a player is getting only the best game offer.