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Deuces Wild Movie Review

Action themed activities are not only limited with playing in a land-based casino or over the internet because you can enjoy the adrenaline rush and thrill by watching movies, play deuces wild at Have you ever heard the Deuces Wild movie? If yes, you should go to a store near you or look for online streaming to see this film. It will definitely tickle and excite your senses for gambling inspired tastes. This review will give an insight and overview about this exciting film released in 2002.

The Deuces Wild movie can be fitted to the genre of crime drama created in America. it was directed by Scott Kalvert while the story and script were written by two men, Paul Kimatian and Christopher Gambale. The major stars that you can see in the screen are James Franco, Matt Dillon, Stephen Dorff, Brad Renfro, Fairuza Balk and many others. The setting of the Deuces Wild movie is in Brooklyn, New York City, making it a dazzling epic. As a matter of fact, it was set in the year 1958, making the costume designers and set makers very creative and imaginative of recreating the vibe of that era where super bonus deuces wild video poker variants can be played. Another fun fact is, Martin Scorsese was at first the executive producer, but he removed his name in the production.

Deuces Wild movie comes with a strong tagline of "before gangs had guns... they fought with guts." It is very clear that it a violent one with hand-to-hand fighting scenes, making it more epic. The story goes with Leon, portrayed by Stephen Dorff and Bobby, acted by Brad Renfro, as siblings who are part of the Brooklyn street gang called Deuces. Their older brother was killed from a drug overdose under the care of Marco, acted by Norman Reedus. This situation made them involved with the war against the Vipers gang headed by Marco who sells drug around the hood a wonderful story to associate with deuces and joker game. The leader of the Vipers after his three-year imprisonment was plotting to kill Leo whom he thought that framed him to the police.

Annie, acted by Fairuza Balk falls for Bobby who is a member of the opposed gang. The girl is a sibling of Jimmy, a heroin dealer and member of the Vipers who had deuces wild strategy at hand. The star-crossed relationship between these loving characters intensify the war between the gangs. Marco raped Betsy to send Leon on the edge. The gangs take more fights until Marco was killed together with Jimmy Pockets, making the lovers Annie and Bobby leave freely to Los Angeles.